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Hi, I’m Jenna

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I love stories, creativity, and organization. In my free time, I am usually reading, crafting, trying to DIY my way to a healthier, cheaper solution to a problem in my life, or attempting to make sense of my life in a planner. I also have the two most adorable nine-year-old Toy Poodles in the world! They are named Princess (15-year-old me was not the most creative in the naming department) and Samson and they are the best little shadows a girl could ask for.

This blog was born out of a desire to encourage people to read more and live healthier more fulfilled lives. Also, somewhat selfishly, I want to write more consistently and share the things that excite me the most. Every Tuesday I will have a new book review, lifestyle post, or DIY/craft idea. Please stick around and let me know what you think! To easily keep up with everything going on with me and my blog, follow me on social media: Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin.